Fractures & Sprains

The high-speed and adrenaline-fueled pace of Jet Skis can be the cause of severe accidents, especially in places like Florida where it has become a regular pastime, most notably during the summer months. High-speed collisions can result in potentially life-threatening injuries to the brain or neck but can also cause painful and debilitating sprains, fractures, or broken limbs.

Many injuries result from carelessness on the part of operators and bystanders alike. On many occasions, the consumption of alcohol has been admitted to by Jet Ski drivers or victims involved in accidents. In order to avoid debilitating injuries such as broken bones, it is imperative to follow certain safety guidelines while involved with Jet Skis.

Fracture & Sprain Causes

Broken limbs or fractures may be sustained not only by passengers and operators of Jet Skis, but also by bystanders not partaking in the activity. Regardless of their role in the situation, everyone who is in the vicinity of a Jet Ski should exercise certain basic precautions to avoid broken limbs and other injuries.

Broken limbs or fractures involving Jet Skis can occur as a result of:

  • Collisions with other water craft
  • Being hit by a Jet Ski
  • Being thrown off of the Jet Ski
  • Hitting a physical object such as land or a marker

Fracture & Sprain Treatment

Anytime high-powered machinery or water is involved in a medical situation, extra precautions should be taken in order to minimize further harm to the victim. If a victim of an accident appears to have a broken or fractured body part, it is imperative to move them as little as possible. However, it may be required that they be moved out of the water and out of the way of other oncoming watercraft.

After the risk of another collision or drowning has been eliminated, medical attention should be sought. A doctor may order surgery depending on the severity of the injury or the victim may require a cast to heal. Because of the potential for high-speed collisions, many Jet Ski injuries tend to be more severe as the force of the impact has been known to shatter bone.

Jet Ski Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury involving a Jet Ski, there are attorneys who specialize in Jet Ski injuries or injuries as a result of other aquatic craft. They have the expertise to advise you on the specifics of your case including your legal rights. They also can advise you regarding any potential compensation you may be entitled to.



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