Many recreational water sports and activities involving motorized vessels have a high potential for injury. Jet Skis accelerate quickly, maxing out at high velocities, with no protective barrier for the riders. Even hitting water at a high speed can cause injuries. One of the most common Jet Ski injuries is called a contusion but is more commonly called bruising. Even minor falls can result in a painful impact which can leave visible markings. When injuries occur at high speeds on Jet Skis, bruising can sometimes cover a large portion of the body and take a significant amount of time to fully heal.

Jet Ski Accident Bruising Causes

Each year in vacation states like Florida, hundreds of Jet Ski accidents occur. While most injuries are non-fatal, bruising is usually the most common symptom. Bruising occurs as a result of blood vessels being broken as a result of some sort of trauma. Usually, in cases of Jet Ski injuries, this typically results from a collision or a fall.

Potential causes of bruising as a result of a Jet Ski accident might include:

  • Being hit or run over by a Jet Ski
  • Colliding with another Jet Ski
  • Colliding with debris or environmental features
  • Hitting the water too quickly
  • Hitting the Jet Ski or another rider after coming down from the air

Treatment of Bruises

Bruising can generally be greatly reduced by applying ice to the injury as soon as possible. It has also been shown that elevating the injury above the level of the heart, if possible, can reduce the size and duration of bruising. However, certain medications such as blood thinners may exacerbate the bruising. Generally, bruises will heal without medical intervention. The length of time required will vary depending upon the severity of the injury and the size of the affected area.

Complications of Jet Ski Injury Bruising

Injuries associated with high speeds usually affect larger parts of the body than traditional injuries. When a Jet Ski rider hits the water or an object going very fast, more surface area of the body is exposed to impact and thus bruises tend to be larger and more noticeable.

The healing process can be uncomfortable in terms of physical pain and many victims may feel self-conscious about the way they look. Depending on the location of the injury, many victims may have trouble sitting down or sleeping without severe pain. If you or a loved one is a victim of a Jet Ski accident, don’t hesitate to speak with a Jet Ski injury attorney who can guide you on the legal ramifications of your case.



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